Hail Friday

Current view of my backyard.

Don’t mock me. You are just as glad that it’s Friday as I am.

It’s a long story that may or may not make it into a book, or another post, but I’m driving to Southwest Virginia this weekend to transport some furniture.

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In other news, I’ve been refining where I’m going with this blog and the other writing projects. It’s a constant process.

In a moment of weakness, I talked with one of those marketing gurus this week. I had looked at what he was offering and then he sent out an email and said “tell me why you’re skeptical.”

So, I did.

He was very polite and encouraging. Then he told me that his course was going to be on sale for a limited time.

I got the link. The “sale” was $99 for twelve months.

I mean, seriously, if it works and people really do bring in an extra five grand a month then the investment is worth it.

But if I had $99 to “spare” I’m not sure that’s my best investment.

So, I rethink things again.

He did ask me what one thing I got up thinking about every day. Usually, when I’m getting ready for work I’m thinking about when I can retire.

But, you know I’m all over the place with the stuff I’m doing or trying to do, the writing, the acting, the directing, the arting… (no, I did not drop a letter).

So, what I’m looking at, considering that next week…yikes…next week…I hit sixty…is how that all plays out.

How do I work toward retirement and keep doing the things I want to be doing?

Do I find an affiliate program that will help me successfully monetize my blog, thereby bringing that retirement date closer?

Do I sell a script? Or a novel?

Do I win Publisher’s Clearing House?

Here’s the thing. I’m embracing the whole senior citizen thing.

I mean, bring on the discount and the early buffets, baby…

In other words, here I am, at this age, still pursuing my dreams.

You can to.

I’m not about to give up and sit on a rocker on my porch.

For one thing, I don’t have a rocker on my porch (feel free to hit the tip jar on the way out).

But, I’ve said this before. I’m not stopping.

I’ll keep working the day job as long as I need to.

I’ll keep pursuing the writing and the theater work as long as I can.

As for this blog, here you’ll hear (or read) me talking about it. I hope the journey will be worth your time.

True, I’ll probably add back in some affiliate links. If I could make this thing pay, that would be great.

But, I think there’s a realization that I’m not writing for money. I’m writing because I have things to say.

And, that’s okay.

It’s the weekend. There’s work to do.

As for the yard, with all of this rain, we’re adapting to living in a tropical forest.

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