June 21 is the first day of summer.

Do I really need to say more?

Growing up I always measured summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. After all, that was when the pool was open. In most places, it still is.

We didn’t join a pool this summer, or buy season passes to an amusement park, and we won’t be spending a week at the beach.

We’ll be getting outside and into the sun and water elsewhere and as often as we can, so don’t pity us.

Unless you have an empty (as in free) beach house, then we might need to talk.

Or not.

Truth is, it’s a bit of a transition summer for us for multiple reasons. We’re no longer all working at the amusement park. The older son is off on assignment working on a film in Ohio whilst we babysit the granddog (for just a couple more weeks). The younger son is newly graduated from high school and figuring out the whole college and work thing.

The wife is now beginning to figure out what she’s teaching next year and what has to change from this year.

I’m working on multiple writing projects, and multiple theater projects.

So, it’s all good.

Amongst those projects is yet another review of what I’m doing here.

How much of this posting every day is sustainable.

Perhaps the better question to ask is how much is being read.

And so I have to wonder what I’m accomplishing with trying to post on a daily basis.

I’m typing out loud here so bear with me.

I mean, it’s not making me rich and famous. Then again, is that why I started to begin with?

No, I started because I had things to say. I still do. It’s just figuring out the right way and the right time to say them.

It’s about making adjustments, like I talked about on Monday.

Stay tuned while I figure this out.

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