The Writer Struggles

“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.”

Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man

American playwright and composer, Meredith Willson, was born on this day in 1902 (died 1984).

Welcome Friday. Blessed are thou among weekdays.

Today is not Short Story Friday. One day will be. But it is not this day.

I’m not going to count the tomorrows until we get there. I’m too busy with today.

Sunday we go into tech rehearsals for Doublewide, Texas, opening in TWO WEEKS.

So, I don’t have a lot of time to count tomorrows.

I have, however, spent some time thinking about this whole writing thing. Right now it seems to be overshadowed by the theater thing.

So, I don’t have time to take all of the courses that are supposed to lead me to more blog traffic or more paying jobs.

I don’t have time to follow all of the experts.

I can’t take all the free courses that lead to massive blogging income or incredible overnight sales.

I can’t take the advice of all the experts.
I’ve talked about this before.

You’re probably thinking “I don’t have time to read this crap again.”

In full disclosure, I did attend a webinar this week about how to make a substantial income blogging. There was some good information, but the presenter pretty much earns an income from blogging by selling his course about how to make money by blogging.

Fortunately, it only cost me an hour of my time and not the thousand dollar price tag.

I’m getting things done. But I’m not going to get everything done. And, I’m not going to get it all done quickly.

And that’s okay.

You may be feeling a little, or a lot, overwhelmed these days. Most of us are.

But we owe it to ourselves to stop and take a deep breath.

It’s okay that everything isn’t going to get done.

It really is.

What’s important is the journey, and the need to keep moving forward.

It’s Friday. The stuff on your desk will be there on Monday morning.

And, on Monday, you’ll have to set aside the things that didn’t get done on the weekend.

Call it the Circle of Life. Which would be great name for a song.

But, then there’s this:


Enjoy the weekend.

See you Monday.

In other news, American singer and television host, Perry Como, was born on this day in 1912 (died 2001).

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