Everything is a Story

Over? Did you say “over?” Nothing is over until we decide it is!
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
John “Bluto” Blutarsky in Animal House.

 American comedian, actor and musician John Belushi was born on this day in 1949 (died 1982).

Recently I talked about finding inspiration. I have my methods. I have my process, if you will.

Still, there are times when I get stuck in a no parking zone on the writer’s block.

Don’t get me wrong. I could ramble until the cows come home.

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But we have a strict “no new livestock” policy in our house and I don’t know where I’d put the cows.

I’m thinking this week about the telling of stories. One of freelance blogger case studies that I read recently suggested that “Everything is a Story.”

It really is true. Everywhere you look. Every building. Every store. Every car. Every person.

There’s a story behind each one.

I love stories. And I love making them up.

As children we loved our bedtime stories. I’ve written before about my Aunt with whom I stayed quite a bit as a child when my parents were working. She would read to me each night from the books I stashed under my pillow. And whether I stashed one or four, she would usually read them all.

As adults we love the stories told by film, by television, and, as you may be aware, I’m particularly fond of the stories told in live theater. I’m in rehearsals for one show and directing another just following that. I wrote about that here.

I also wrote about the books that I’m reading in 2018, all stories in their own right. But among them is The Story. It’s a retelling of the Biblical story. It’s not Scripture. I read through the entire Bible last year. This puts the stories of the Bible into plain, understandable, chronological telling. It helps with those times when I turn to the Scripture, particularly the Old Testament and say “wait…what?”

Speaking of television, many of us remember the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls…

My church has a story project this year, fittingly called The My Story Project. It’s a series of videos from people telling how the power of the Gospel, the story of the Christ, has transformed their lives. The videos are brave, bold, and amazingly honest. It’s worth your time to check them out.

I love stories. They inspire. They encourage. They make us think. They can make us cry.

I’m working on telling more stories in 2018. I changed the tag line of the blog to “Because stories need to be told.” It’s all a part of my plan to Get Things Done.

There are stories that have to be told, and I’m here to tell them.

What’s your story?

Stories can also be told in song. American singer-songwriter, musician and actor, Neil Diamond, was born on this day in 1941.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out to the My Story Project! Also, great blog.

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