Wait for the Good Pitches

One of my all time favorite movies is Hook. I generally consider it a Christmas movie. It’s not really a holiday movie, but the first time we saw it was on Christmas Day in…whatever year it came out.

It was one of those particularly challenging Christmases when we didn’t stay home but went to spend it with

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family having health issues. You know those trips, “If you want to see him, come now.” We did, and we saw him for several Christmases after that.

That’s another story.

But, on Christmas Day, the wife and I left the toddler with his grandparents and went to the movies.

If you’re keeping up with the story, we saw Hook, and fell in love with it. It may be my favorite Robin Williams performance.

In the story, Peter Pan has grown up and no longer remembers Neverland. In a quest to recapture the glory of the game, Hook kidnaps Peter’s children, and Peter must find his way back to Neverland to bring them home.

Hook works to win the love of Peter’s children. Jack is a baseball player, and Peter has a tendency to work late and miss his games. So, Hook and Smee organize a baseball game. Peter is there in the crowd and without thinking yells out “wait for the good pitches.”

Here’s the clip of the game.

I’m working on good pitches.

I spent some time the past two weekends revamping my writing plans. I’ve done some reading, some planning, some mapping out of themes and more.

On a side note I also did the day-job retirement math. This could happen.

No, this will happen. The uncertainty is the exact date. But it’s closer than it was.

I’m also closer than I was.

There’s a realization as a writer that I also have to be a marketer. I could be the most brilliant writer in the world, and write the best, most wonderful posts.

So could thousands of other writers.

That means I have to sell my work and convince clients that I’m the writer they wish to hire.

Being that funny guy on Facebook won’t be enough. But I’ve upped my game on Instagram and Twitter.

And, I’m revamping and adding to my writing portfolio.

It’s all a part of the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still cranking out the 1,000 words every morning. Most days I’m hitting above 1,200. True, I may be writing crap. But, I’m writing.

It’s what I do.

And, along the way I’m not just waiting for the good pitches, I’m writing them. I’m making them.

Stay tuned.

And go watch Hook. It’s a great, feel good movie.

I’m off to get things done.

In other news, American, actor, dancer, and singer, Chita Rivera, was born on this day in 1933.

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