Where we’re going with the writing…A new strategery

I don’t know about you, but at this time of the year…really beginning in November-ish…my inbox is full of ads and offers for new planners, for advice on how to plan my editorial calendar for the year, and of course there are the offers for the programs that will help me write, publish, and get my novel on The New York Times best seller list by lunchtime.

I jest…a little. But there’s a circuit out there that sort of cross-pollenates the Interwebz. There are at least a half dozen or so of the experts that seem to take turns offering their programs…for this low cost today.

I can’t afford them. Truth is, if I could afford them, I really wouldn’t need them.

Even if I could afford them, and did need them, I would never have time for all of them.

Or enough coffee.

I mean, I’d hate to be standing at the Keurig when my publisher is waiting for my final draft.

As I’ve said before, I don’t begrudge all of those guys their success. But I suspect some of them paid their way through school writing those male enhancement commercials. The believability level is much the same.

I digress.

I don’t know that my writing will ever make me a fortune. And that’s okay…mostly.

The truth is, that’s not why I write. I write to tell stories. I write to encourage. Sometimes I write to vent.

I often write about writing…when I should just be writing.

But, if you stick with me here this year, I’m hoping I’ll be able to write about things that will be encouraging, and uplifting.

Yet another reason I stopped writing about politics.

Again, I digress.

All of this is getting to a point. I promise.

Here’s where I’m focusing my writing efforts in 2018.

I will continue to blog here regarding life, faith, and this whole writing process.

I will be upping the game at Historic Occasions where I’ll continue to talk about history and Virginia. I’ll also be talking about producing events and shows, and maybe a good bit about the acting I’m doing. Or want to be doing.

I’m currently learning how to use MailChimp for the production of my newsletter…coming in February. No spam. I promise.

I’ve also promised myself that I would finally figure out how to use Scrivener. I have friends that love it. But I think I’ve found that I need it for a new, not an existing project.

Speaking of existing projects, as I promised, and did, with my script, I will be finishing the draft of my latest novel. I say latest because while this is the one I hope to actually see published, I have a stack of about six novels that I’ve written over the years for Nanowrimo. They all need a lot of work. But, one at a time. I took the time off from the novel to finish the script…more on the script soon…but let’s just say that there’s interest.

Along with all of this I will continue my practice of writing at least 1,000 words in the morning. It works best when I get up and get the writing done before departing for the gym. Sometimes I have to find some free time during the day to get those words in. But, I do.

None of these things can be packaged into a nice little webinar where I can sell you my program for $299 and make you rich. I can’t to that. And I’m not going to try.

Then again, if you’d like to drop $299 in the tip jar on the way out, I wouldn’t snark at that. Heck, I wouldn’t snark at $2.99.

That’s not the point.

As I alluded to yesterday, I’ve never like the term “process” or even saying that I’m on a “journey.”

I’m not GOING to be a writer. I AM a writer.

Whether I’m a good writer, or a sucessful one may be a part of that damned process.

To paraphrase Tyrion Lannister, I drink (coffee) and I write things.

Work with me.

More importantly. Stick with me.

Tell me when I write something that inspires you.

Likewise, tell me when you think I’m writing crap. Knowing the truth will only serve to make me a better writer.

And it could save you $299.

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