The Best TWS Posts of 2017

Sure this is a bit self-congratulatory, but here are what I consider my best posts of 2017. Feel free to go back and re-read them, and then share.

I won’t mind. In fact, I’m hoping that’s what you’ll do.

Expect more of the same and some new things in the coming months. As always, this is a journey and a process.

Okay that last sentence almost made me gag. But work with me here. We’re moving forward.

Just after we take a look back.

Just a little bit more…
June 9, 2017
Little steps. We didn’t get this busy or build up these expenses overnight. We won’t simplify things overnight easier.

That time I lived through history
June 12, 2017
It’s funny looking back and thinking that, in those first few months after the first Gulf War and after my surgery and treatment, I had an entirely different outlook and vision of where I thought I’d be.

The Adventure Continues
June 27, 2017
For me, life continues to be one adventure after another. Not all of the rides are E Ticket Rides (look up the reference, it will do you good), but it’s never dull.

Not My Circus
July 5, 2017
I never wanted to join the circus.

History, it’s not just for breakfast anymore…
September 15, 2017
It’s pretty obvious that no one is learning history anymore. But it’s also obvious that not many people are learning about current events. Let’s talk about where real injustice is in the world.

Southern by the Grace of God
September 25, 2017
There’s just certain way in the south that deals with more than cotton and plantations.

Pace yourself
October 23, 2017
Resist if you must. But, pace yourself. He’s going to be President for at least another three years.

My grown up Christmas List…
December 1, 2017
Look, I’m not about boycotting Christmas. Far from it. I’d just like us to work a little harder at remember what it’s all about. Perhaps about remembering there are those who really do need things as opposed to those who just want them.

Thanks for being a loyal reader in 2017.  Bring your friends along in 2018.

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