Come, Ye Thankful People Come


Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, we know.

Pilgrims. Mayflower. Cranberrys. And all that rot.

Here in Virginia we know that the first real English Thanksgiving occurred along the James River some two years before the Pilgrims even left England. Read the story here.

I wrote my own article about it some time back: Now Thank We All Our God.

I like to tell people that Virginians watched the landing at Plymouth Rock on CNN while having a ham sandwich and some peanut pie.

And if you talk to the folks around Jamestown, they’ll tell you that the attention was directed towards the Massachusetts Thanksgiving around the time of the War of Northern Aggression, specifically to drawn attention away from Virginia.

That’s the story on this blog anyway.

Regardless, what matters today is that we’re thankful for all of our blessings.

And, even for Massachusetts.

Enough of that. Get off the Internet and get back to your family.

But you probably don’t need that turkey sandwich.

At least not without watching the best Thanksgiving show ever.


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