I ain’t lion


“Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

Mr. Beaver to Susan in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis, published on this day in 1950.

I was first introduced to The Chronicles of Narnia by my college English professor many, many years ago. Each day she would read us a passage from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the beginning of class.

I have loved Narnia, and C.S. Lewis, as well as that English professor, ever since.

Were we as college students too old to be read to? Nonsense.

Since that time that I first ventured into Narnia I have also loved, and collected lions. True that I put the collection aside for a few years…in those years when I was collecting children and legos…and learning to always wear shoes in the house.

Still, I cherish my collection and, on rare occasions, I will add to it. Such as the photo of the painting you see here. It combines my love of both lions and painting. Don’t laugh. It was the first time I’d seriously taken up a brush in years. I do most of my graphic work online. That’s changing…in my free time…because I miss the canvas.

Lions symbolize many things. There’s the MGM Lion, the Cowardly Lion, and of course, the one on whom Aslan is based…the Lion of Judah.

Here are some things we know about lions and how we might, or might not, share some of those traits. *

  • Lions are protective of territory, family, themselves.
  • Lions are brave. Being brave and courageous doesn’t mean that you’re not scared.
  • Lions are willing to fight when the need arises, but they don’t go around looking for fights. Which means they probably don’t post on Facebook.
  • Lions are hunters. Like me, you’re probably always looking for ways to pull in some extra income or cut corners, or just find that perfect bargain.
  • Lions are part of a pride, or a group. They know where they belong.
  • Lions can be loaners…even introverts if you will…there’s that sense of knowing your pride, your people, but also being okay when it’s time to be along.

I rather think my love of lions may go back further than college. Some time in early grade school (if I recall correctly) I received for Christmas a “Larry the Lion” toy. He talked when you pulled the string. Pretty sure he was from Mattel and pretty sure I first saw him in the Sears Wishbook.

Here he is (or one like him), in a picture. You can purchase him for me on eBay if you’re feeling the need to be a blessing.

No, I don’t need him. We’re not talking about need here.

Hmmm…somewhere in my photos I have pictures of a banner I made of the Lion of Judah. It was for a series of Christmas banners I made for our church in DC. We did six weeks of advent focusing on the names of Christ.

And, if I could find a copy of my college yearbook, junior year (which, coincidentally I edited) you’d find a picture of me in an all campus talent show as the cowardly lion. Two friends portrayed the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. We were pretty darn good.

Casting directors, hit me up.

In reality I don’t need any of the lions in my collection. Except the real one…call him Aslan…call him The Lion of Judah.

Just call him.

Oh, and one more thing…lions sometimes sleep up to twenty hours a day.

It’s good to be king.


English-American actress, singer, and producer, Angela Lansbury, or as we like to call her “Aunt Jessica” was born on this day in 1925.

*Adapted from 6 Characteristics of the Lion to Consider for Your Own Leadership


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