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American sculptor and educator, Dale Chihuly, was born on this day in 1941.


I’m one of those writers who say, ‘I’ve enjoy having written.’

American novelist and short story writer, George R. R. Martin, was born on this day in 1948.

When you’ve written, and published, as much as George R.R. Martin, you can say that.

I too, enjoy the feeling of having written something.

I enjoy it even more when I’ve written something worth reading.

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I have a shelf full of novels I completed for Nanowrimo. I have files full of projects I’ve begun but that need some serious editing.

And, as you may recall, I have a script I’m working on.

The clock is ticking. I want to see this on stage somewhere within the realm of the 100th anniversary of our involvement in World War I.

I have a little over a year to do that.

I’m a lot further along than I was. I have much further to go.

Unlike Mr. Martin, HBO isn’t anxiously awaiting my next draft.

They don’t write. They don’t call.

I do enjoy the process of writing. I’m even enjoying writing this post.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t way I’ll enjoy it much more when it’s done and posted.

Still, the process can be enjoyable, and sometimes even inspiring.

It’s not, I presume, like a “runner’s high” that apparently comes at a certain point in the exercise.

Even when I did run I never got to that point. Which may be why I don’t run anymore.

Among other things.

So, I’ve talked about this recently. The act of writing is enjoyable. As is the act of rehearsing if you’re an actor. Or the act of painting or drawing for an artist.

You get the idea.

It’s great to have a finished product, but if the process of getting there isn’t quite as enjoyable, then it becomes a struggle.

That’s too much like work.

So, what is it for you? What do you like to create? To produce?

What is it that you both enjoy having done, and at the same time enjoy the process of doing?

Tell me in the comments.

It’s Wednesday, and I’m hitting the road for a work trip. It’s all good. Just another reason to prioritize and figure how what has to be done and what can wait.

And all the more reason to enjoy it when it’s done.


Personally, I love this headline…

VCU students charged with felony for wearing masks at rally arraigned; hearing set for Halloween
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Two Virginia Commonwealth University students and one former student were arraigned Tuesday morning on one felony charge each of wearing a mask in public during a counter protest of a small pro-Confederate rally Saturday.

Virginia’s Bond Rating Under Threat; Senate Medicaid Would Blow $1.2 bn Hole in Budget
The Republican Standard
The debate over scarce revenue vs. revenue creation will remain an endless one. Yet between McAuliffe’s warnings over Medicaid expansion at any level and Gillespie’s insistence that health care reform be a market-driven solution (ostensibly via block grants from the federal government), the precarious condition of state revenues vs. public demand remains a cautiously navigated tightrope.

Trump vindicated? Manafort wiretapping report lends credence to claim
Fox News
But the report has forced the media to give a second look at Trump’s widely derided claims this past March that former President Barack Obama had his “wires tapped” at Trump Tower. The hashtag “TrumpVindicated” was taking off on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Former U.S. Sen. John Warner endorses Gillespie after backing Democrats in recent contests
Richmond Times-Dispatch
“I’ve served in office with ten governors of Virginia, and I know what makes an effective one,” Warner, 90, said in a written statement. “I strongly support Ed Gillespie for governor in this election because I know he has the character, integrity, experience and ideas to be a strong leader for our great commonwealth.”

Yesterday, President Trump spoke to the United Nations. Whether you like him or not, you should read the actual speech. I did not vote for him. I argued strongly against his receiving the nomination. But I refuse to be so small-minded as to believe that everything he does is bad because he was not my candidate. It just doesn’t work that way. Read the speech with an open mind. This is perhaps the most Presidential thing we’ve seen from the White House in a long, long time.

Pres. Trump’s outstanding, principled speech to the United Nations General Assembly.
George Allen via Facebook


Because cotton is apparently now racist.

That’s right, cotton.

People Are Calling For A Total Ban On Cotton Because — You Guessed It — Racism
The Daily Caller
They legitimately want consumers everywhere to stop buying cotton products because cotton “racist.”

We. Have. Lost. Our. Minds.


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