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Yesterday I talked about searching for quotes as writing prompts. With all due respect to Norman Lear (born on this day in 1922) and Jerry Van Dyke (born on this day in 1931), I didn’t find anything particularly inspiring.

I was inspired, however, yesterday when I was reading a book about establishing a freelance writing career.

While I was reading, I’m not sure what prompted me to pull up the original cast recording of Pippin. I’ve not listened to that in a while. So, I added it to my Apple music and listened away.

As Pippin sang, I was taken back to my college years with what I once considered my signature song.

Everything has its season
Everything has its time
Show me a reason and I’ll soon show you a rhyme
Cats fit on the windowsill
Children fit in the snow
Why do I feel I don’t fit in anywhere I go?

Rivers belong where they can ramble
Eagles belong where they can fly
I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free
Got to find my corner of the sky

Truth is, I was never right to play the part of Pippin, even in my skinniest days.

Mug Shots
(click the pic)

Don’t laugh, I had them. Sort of.

On a side note, I was also not right to play Oberon in our college production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When I saw the costume, or lack thereof, I realized why.

I digress.

I had dreams. I was going to have it all.

And when I got down or discouraged, I’d pull out the vinyl copy of Pippin and listen to that song again. Over and over.

The last verse of the song says:

So many men seem destined
To settle for something small
But I won’t rest until I know I’ll have it all

I’m not sure I want it all anymore. I’d just have to find a place to put it.

So, I’m okay if I never get my Corner of the Sky.

Truth is, these days I’m more likely to be looking forward to a Cabin in the Corner of Glory Land.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t still things I want. I have my bucket list.

One of the things on that list is to experience the annual pony swim on Assateague Island. I missed it again yesterday.

But I remember fondly watching a film in grade school that told all about the swim. I was an adult before I realized that was in Virginia.

One of these days, Alice, straight to the moon…er…Island…for the pony swim.

One of these days I’ll publish my own book about writing and, unlike the one I read yesterday, mine won’t have any typos.


I still have my bucket list. I still have things I want to do in the next 20-30 years.

Some of them, I’m doing now. Or at least working on.

Granted, my list is much different than it was in college. And, that’s okay.

This is not one of those cases where I’m saying “If I knew then, what I know now.”

Much to the contrary. Had I known at age 20 or 21 what all life would have had in store for me, I probably would’ve run in the other direction.

And, back then, I could have.

But life doesn’t work this way. As I’ve mentioned, if nothing else, I’ve got lots of story material.

I don’t have my Corner in the Sky, and I’m not quite ready for that little cabin in Glory, but here in my own corner of the world, things aren’t so bad.

Sure, I’ve got health issues, and money issues, and pain-in-the-ass work issues. Who doesn’t?

I’ve also got my family, the livestock (which could also fit in the above paragraph), a fine house that needs repairs and a good purging, but still keeps us quite comfortable, my writing, my acting, and more jobs than I can shake a stick at.

Or is that beat with a stick?

I digress.

I’ve also reached that certain age when my (printable) response to people getting in my way, or doubting me, or being the pain-in-the-ass-at-work, is pffffff!

Or something like that.

Things aren’t so bad here in my corner.

How about yours?


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American singer and actress, Maureen McGovern, was born on this day in 1949. Let’s let this song take us back to my early teenage years…but let’s not stay there too long…


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    • Beth Dunnavant on July 27, 2017 at 9:33 am

    I’m sharing this. It has taken me two trips to Chincoteague and another one coming up to get to the place that I’m willing to be there for the swim. I’m thinking next year, Y’all should join us. Rooms need to be booked months in advance by the way and that brings me back to why I’ve not wanted to be there. I needed to experience the Island in a less tourist way (in spite of the oyster festival that we attend, it’s not swamped with tourists). I feel at home on the island and have a great love for it and the people there in a general sense. Now and only now can I be there for something I desire deeply, because if the swim was the first experience, I’m not sure I would have felt the need to return. I love the small “townishness” of Chincoteague and have experienced the homecoming parade where they toss candy into the streets and I’ve ridden the trolley and talked with people who are natives and the people they call “come upons”. I love that place, it feels like home to my heart.

    • Mike on July 27, 2017 at 10:26 am

    That’s cool. I haven’t actually been to Chincoteague in over 30 years (the last time I was on a campaign staff). I’ve camped on the Maryland side of Assateague with the ponies and the deer walking right through the campsites. Let’s talk about the swim. Seriously. I’ll get there before I get back to the Grand Canyon.

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