What We Wish to Be True

Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.

Roman general and statesman, Julius Caesar, was born on this day in 100 BC (died March 15, 44 BC).

We’ve already talked about that this week. Sort of Et Tuesday, if you will.

And this week’s news cycle has played this to perfection.

If you want to believe the worst about Donald Trump, then the news has underscored everything you believe. It’s even given you hope that he’s going to be impeached.

That’s not going to happen and, even if it did, Hillary still won’t be president.

If you want to believe the best about Donald Trump, then the news has given you reason to believe that he’s being persecuted and that the media and the left are out to get him.

Well, the media and the left ARE out to get him, but it’s not like he hasn’t given them reason to dislike or distrust him.

But it’s not just a simple good vs. evil equation, with that equation varying according to your political views.

He’s not all bad. He’s not all good.

No one is.

Well, one is, but he’s not the President. He’s the Lord.

I digress.

Day after day people complain about social media and the hate and the screaming and the argument.

And then we perpetuate it by sharing the latest breaking news, which may or may not be breaking, and may or may not be news.

We share the stuff that underscores our own belief and pass over or type in all caps against the things with which we disagree.

Let’s be clear that, regardless of your politics and beliefs, neither the politicians or the media are going to fix this.

That’s up to each of us.

So, instead of immediately hitting share on that “story” that says George Soros was a Hitler youth, or that the Polish Prime Minister’s wife snubbed President Trump, do yourself, and all of us, a little favor. Do a little more research before you pass along misinformation that “proves” your point of view, even if it’s wrong.

I know I’ve talked about this a lot.

I’m going to keep talking about it until you people start sharing my posts and not those silly memes.

Or, I’m going to keep talking about it as long as it continues to be a problem which is like…forever.

Like I said, we can’t trust the politicians or media to fix this, they’re part of the problem. But we don’t have to feed the beast.

We all need to take the time to read and to share more thoughtfully, and more accurately.

And, when you don’t, I’m going to call you out.

Meet me at the Roman Senate.


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American singer-songwriter, and actress, Louise Mandrell was born on this day in 1954.


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