It’s all for the best

“Hope for the Best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We’re unrehearsed.”

American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, Mel Brooks, was born on this day in 1926.

I’m pretty sure I love just about everything that Mel Brooks has written, directed, and/or starred in.

Here we are at midweek, intermission if you will. Don’t forget to purchase your snacks in the lobby.

Life is a play. Unfortunately, there’s no script. It’s all improv.

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We’re wrapping up another month. I’m hitting another birthday.

So, it’s time to regroup, look at the goals, and assess how to move forward.

It’s healthy to do that on a pretty regular basis. We can make plans, have goals, and sometimes even have script.

Sometimes the worst happens.

But we can’t live our lives anticipating the worst. We have to get up every day and move forward just like it will be the best day ever.

And, it may.

I’m regrouping again to review the writing plan. The script is ready to be shopped around for reading and critique purposes. So, I need to look at where things are with the blog, where things are with paid writing jobs (hit me up) and I need to get back to the novel.

In my free time of course.

I didn’t plan for my script to derail my work on the novel for well over a year. But it did. And that’s okay.

Life’s script would be pretty boring if everything went according to plan. Granted, there are some months and years that I wouldn’t mind being a little bored.

You may not be reassessing your writing goals, but here at the mid-point of the year maybe it’s time to look back on those resolution or goals and maybe hit the reset button.

It’s okay if you haven’t hit the goals you thought you would by now.

Just take a moment or two, breathe, and determine how to move forward.

Please return to your seats, the second act of 2017 will begin shortly.

Five things for Your Wednesday

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David M. Drucker at CNN
…Trump might prove more politically resilient than the numbers suggest and than his combative, social media antics, in which he’s constantly re-litigating 2016, should allow.

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The Washington Times
“The climate is changing. Man is having an impact on it. I’ve said that time after time — the idea that we can’t have an intellectual conversation about just what are the actual impacts?” he said.

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Sources: New arena in the works to replace Coliseum
Richmond BizSense
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Also born on this day in 1902, American composer, songwriter, and playwright, Richard Rodgers (1902). Rodgers composed the music for more than 900 songs and 43 Broadway musicals, including The Sound of Music.


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