Are we there yet?

By perseverance the snail reached the ark.

English pastor and author, Charles Spurgeon, was born on this day in 1834 (died 1892).

Face it, we’re all in a hurry.

We have to get to the next appointment, the next item on our to-do list, the next Netflix show to binge on (suggestions welcome).

It’s a common expression, especially amongst those of us who are reaching certain ages, that life moves too fast.

How can he be twelve already?

How can it be June already?

By the Seashore
(click the pic)

Christmas is just around the corner.

The obvious exception is Monday, which never ends.

In our world of microwave popcorn and instant messaging and single-serve coffee makers, it’s hard to wait on anything.

And yet, life has always shown us that a slow, steady, determination is the best way to accomplish our goal(s).

In other words, we shouldn’t rush through things just to get the job done.

I think we all know that.

Still, it’s frustrating when we don’t seem to be reaching our goals quickly enough. The weight isn’t coming off quickly enough. The novel isn’t coming together quickly enough.

Retirement is years away.

I’m giving those examples for a friend.

The point is that we don’t give up. We keep going. Even when the goal seems a long way off.

In full disclosure, this is not the first post that I wrote for today. The other was kind of a “Monday’s Child is full of snark” post. It’s simmering and may show up another day.

Or not.
Today is Monday. We’ll get to Friday.

Probably not as quickly as any of us would like.

Just remember to enjoy the scenery along the way.


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