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“That’s all folks!”

American voice actor, actor, radio comedian, recording artist, and the voice of many of our beloved Looney Tunes characters, Melvin Jerome “Mel” Blanc, was born on this day in 1908 (died 1989).

As a child, I had no idea who Mel Blanc was. But he was welcomed into our home on a weekly basis. And every time I heard Porky Pig sputter “That’s all folks!” I wanted there to be more.

Right now, I’m not wanting there to be much more.

My cup, as they say, runneth over, and onto the floor and out the door…not unlike my poor meatball.

I’m mixing all of my childhood memories here this morning. But, work with me. I’m a little over-extended.

You know the story. The day job. The weekend job. The acting. The writing. The yard work.

You also know that no one put anything on my schedule without my permission.

It’s a constant struggle to narrow down the commitments. To say no when an opportunity arises.

I find myself saying that this is it, no more new commitments, no more new projects. And then, like Steve Martin in The Jerk...I need this…oh, and this…

Mug Shots
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Watch the movie again. It will do you good.

Most are just off of a three-day weekend. There was no slowing down for me. And that’s okay.

In reality, my biggest challenge was finding time to mop the yard.

That’s not really a typo. It rained all weekend.

As I write this, in a hurry, on Monday morning. The sun is shining. And I need to get out to mow before heading off to another rehearsal.

It’s all good. Even if it’s a bit much.

All the gurus out there telling me how to become a rich, Internet sensation, also tell me to focus on one task. But I’m just not wired that way.

Still, I’m trying. I bet you are, too.

What are the things that are the most important? What things can you really say “no” to?

Priorize. Slow down. Pace yourself.

One of us has to.

American clarinet player, songwriter, and bandleader, Benny Goodman, was born on this day in 1909 (died 1986).


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