Does it help to be funny?

Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.

Comedian, George Carlin was born on this day in 1937 (died 2008).

Sometimes I think I’m pretty funny.

Much of the time, I’m sure I’m the only one laughing at my jokes.

Part of that comes from having a warped sense of humor. Much of which I share with my partner in life, my bride of thirty-plus years.

It can help me get through the difficult times.

It can occasionally get me in trouble.

Especially when I say things in my out loud voice.

Let’s just say I have a low tolerance level for stupidity and things that just don’t make sense.

Remember, in my day job, I work for the government. See my problem?

On a side note, I got into politics as a young conservative who thought government was too big and who was bound to do something about it.

I still think government is to big. It’s just that, thirty-five-plus years later, I have a lot less fight left in me. And I realize that the best that I can do is make my own little section of the bureaucratic world run as efficiently as possible.

That’s when I can get myself in trouble.

And, that’s another story or two that will be in the book.

After I retire, and the circus has left town…or I have…

I’ve used humor and satire in much of my writing. I try to use it here.

Mug Shots
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When I was writing about politics sometimes I’d cross a line. Then again, sometimes I’d nail it. It’s a fine art. These days I don’t want to be writing about politics.

Truth is, this past week with the passage of the AHCA and the firing of James Comey, I’ve thought about wanting to write. But then I just scroll through Facebook hiding post after post and remember that, no, I really don’t want to do that.

Sometimes it’s just so, very, very, very, hard not to comment. But I just can’t.

I will say this. As much as I did not (and do not) want Donald Trump to be President, I do like that he’s shaking things up. He doesn’t give a rip about your reindeer games. He’s going to do things the way he wants.

Frankly, Washington DC needs some of that.

Ronald Reagan said, ‘Status quo, you know, is Latin for “the mess we’re in.”‘

Between you and me and my potential bazillion readers, I think that could ultimately be Trump’s success.I’m thinking all of those who are prophesying the doom and gloom of the Republican party are getting just a little bit ahead of themselves. Remember, these are the same people who predicted a Hillary blowout.

I could be wrong. But that’s all I’m going to say about that.

And, that wasn’t even funny.

The weekend is here.

May yours be filled with laughter.

Even if I didn’t tell the joke.


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