Lessons we learned from Groundhog Day, the movie

Groundhog Day is one of those great movies that, well, you can see over and over again. It’s fun, and entertaining. But it also has some great life lessons. Think about it.

  1. Life has consequences. Everything that we do affects others. It’s a classic spin on It’s a Wonderful Life. What if you weren’t there. What if your actions were different?
  2. Don’t waste time. After he realized what has happening, Phil learned to play the piano, learned first aid, learned French and always made sure that he was in the right place at the right time. But let’s be clear. He didn’t start out that way. It took him some time to get there.
  3. Don’t quit. Phil was stuck and in the beginning, he tried to end it all. But he always came back to the same place. He was given multiple second chances. We won’t be. But when something doesn’t work, we shouldn’t quit. Quitting never solves anything.
  4. You need people in your life, even the annoying ones. Because every day was the same new day, Phil got to know people, even the ones who were a pain, and he learned to appreciate them. Everyone has reasons for being who they are. Don’t overlook that just because they’re a pain in the butt. Giving back to those people can make us a better person.
  5. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it, none of us is guaranteed another day. Make every moment count.
  6. Forget about the stuff that doesn’t matter. Sometimes rules are silly and just get in the way. Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.
  7. Be sincere. Phil tried over and over to win Rita’s attention. He finally found it by being sincere and by learning to appreciate his fellow man.

In a way, we’re all stuck in our own personal Groundhog Day.

We face the same problems over and over. We deal with the same annoying people over and over. Just maybe life is designed that way to help us learn.

There’s no easy way out. In fact, the only way out is to plow right through. Meet your problems head on. Don’t try to avoid them. It can be a pain. It can be boring. It can be sheer hell.

But there’s no other way to get to February 3rd.



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