Vote, or Shut Up


I don’t care if you’re tired of the election.

We all are.

Voting is your most sacred right and duty. Get your behind to the polls.

I care less about who you vote for than I do about the fact that you vote.

Some 80% of eligible voters in this country don’t like either major party candidate.

It should tell us something when we realize that only about 9% of the electorate selected these candidates in the primary process.

(and no, I’m not taking the time to verify those statistics, not the point)

I may disagree with your vote, but I can accept that.

There’s no excuse for not voting.

None at all.

So, if you don’t vote, don’t blame the Hillary supporters, or the Trump supporters, or the third party supporters.

Blame yourself.

Sure you’re free to stay home. That’s what freedom is all about.

People died for your right to vote and it took a long time and a lot of struggles to even begin to make it a fair vote where women and people of color could share in the process. And that includes your freedom to stay home.

So if you’re inclined to stay “I don’t care” or “They’re all corrupt” or “My vote won’t make a difference” enjoy your freedom to do so.

Just be quiet about it.


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