It’s never easy


The path of least resistance is the path of the loser.

– English historian, author, and critic, H.G. Wells, was born on this day in 1866 (died 1946).

But why? Why is it never easy?

We all know, if you really want something, you have to work for it.

Unless you’re a Congressman.

I digress.

I’ve told this story before, it’s pretty painfully obvious that I never really wanted to be a great pianist or fluent in Spanish (or any other language).

And let’s not even talk about golf.

No, let’s do talk about it. Because while I really wouldn’t mind being able to play piano well enough to not be embarrassed by other people listening, and while I’d really like to be bilingual, one time on the golf course did me in.

Just not for me.

We all know, especially those of us who keep getting letters from the AARP, that losing weight and staying in good shape and good health isn’t easy. We have to work at it.

Writers know that you just can’t sit down at the keyboard and wait for brilliance to appear. You have to work at it.

And you can show your appreciation for the brilliance you receive here on a daily basis by hitting the tip jar on the way out.

Again, I digress, but I’m just sayin’…

I could go off on a tangent and talk about how kids these days will never learn to work for anything because everything is instant gratification, from microwave popcorn to the Internet to everyone getting a trophy for participating.

But I won’t go there because if I’d really learned that lesson I’d be playing a concert in Barcelona and not be afraid to wear my Speedo to the beach afterward.

I stop for a moment whilst you get that image out of your mind.

Sure there are people who have met those goals. I’ve met a few of my own, and I’m meeting some more. The book, and the script, are progressing, and more auditions are coming.

At the same time, if I’m not careful I can mindlessly sit in front of Netflix for hours on end.

Don’t get me wrong. Netflix is a great thing.

It’s just not the only thing.

The hard thing is to say “no, I won’t watch another episode tonight” because I have other things that need my attention.

Like the above mentioned book and script.

It’s not that we constantly need to be working. We need the downtime or we’ll burn out or develop health issues.

But that next episode on Netflix may be the path of least resistance.

Which is why we have to…resist.

In this case, it’s not futile.


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