Not Laboring! Not Laboring!


American businessman and founder of Jack Daniel’s was born on this day in 1850 (died 1911).

Writers everywhere are grateful.

It’s Labor Day. The day when we celebrate work by not doing anything.

It’s okay, I worked enough at the park yesterday for both of us.

Today I’m cleaning and reorganizing the home office. So I’m afraid that this is as much brilliance as you’ll get for the day.

So, get off the Interwebz and head outside while the pool is still open. You may not think that is important today. But, in February, you’ll wish you had.

I’ll be here tomorrow.

I hope you will be too.

But before you go, also born on this day in 1946, Tanzanian-English singer-songwriter and producer, Freddie Mercury (died 1991).

Another (summer) bites the dust…


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