Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu


I’m leaving.

Don’t panic.

It’s not permanent, just for the next week.

I’ve previously mentioned that the wife, the youngest, and I are heading to the Outer Banks on Sunday. The oldest will stay home to manage the estate and tend to the livestock.

I gave some serious thought about pre-posting for the week so that you, my devoted fans, would have your daily dose of brilliance.

Instead, I’m banking on absence making the heart grow fonder and hoping you’ll all be back here a week from Monday (August 15) when I return.

Tanned (or hopefully just not burned). Rested. Ready.

Speaking of which, forty-two years ago this coming Monday (August 8), Richard Nixon resigned from the White House.

At fourteen, I watched it on television and cried.

I hope you won’t cry because I’m not here next week. You can miss me, but let’s not get emotional.

For now, let’s just say goodnight.

And know that our next few sunrises will be on the ocean.

So long.


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