Baby it’s not cold outside


It’s Wednesday and maybe today will be a little cooler than the weekend. Perhaps a storm or two will lower the temperature a bit.

Either that or increase the humidity.

In spite of the little girl singing Jingle Bells in Food Lion yesterday, it’s not Christmas time.

It’s been pretty miserable. But yes, I still prefer this to winter.

Here’s what I’m thinking. My calendar tells me that in just about ten days I’ll be parking my ample behind in a beach chair in the sand.

Oh, how I need that.

For reasons that I don’t need to expound upon here, we didn’t have a beach week last summer. I didn’t have the week to clear the cobwebs out of the brain. To just sit and soak up the sun and let the ocean breeze blow away the cares of the day…or the year.

We’ve had years before when we didn’t make it to the beach. But I’d long forgotten how significant the impact is.

I need that time away.

I’ve perhaps talked about it some, but it’s been a stressful year. A busy year and good on many fronts. But the impact of not having that break, that respite, that week long of drinks with tiny umbrellas…

I digress.

We all need the chance to get away when we can. Our preference is to go to the beach because we can leave things behind.

I will not be taking my laptop. I will be taking the iPad to do some writing, but no significant projects. And I have a stack of books, and yes coloring books (don’t judge) to occupy the rest of my time.

I may get to them. I may not.

I probably shouldn’t be writing about the beach so soon. I mean I still have to get through the next week and a half which includes a good deal of money-spending not related to the beach and…wait for it…a root canal.

Don’t even ask me about the day job.

Just. Don’t.

Still, I can look ahead.

You'll need it soon enough. Click the pic.

You’ll need it soon enough. Click the pic.

What I don’t know is whether you’ll have the chance to experience the daily brilliance that you’re so used to finding here. I am hoping to pre-post some articles for the week but I won’t be blogging from the beach. You may choose to follow me on Instagram for the requisite sunrise and #eveningcup posts.

Are you getting a break this summer? Do you take your break in the fall? In the spring?

Are you one of those families that takes off for the ski resorts? I just don’t get it.

You may not like the beach. It’s okay. You have a First Amendment right to be abnormal.

Regardless of whether you prefer beach or mountains or something else that break away from the routine is important. You can’t always travel but sometimes there’s need for a “staycation” which I think is a silly term, but I get the point.

I’m not staycationing this summer other than to have my ample behind stay on the beach as much as possible.

In fact, that week at the beach is pretty much my only break since I’m working weekends, and writing in the evenings.

It’s a plan. And it’s a pretty good one. I’m not complaining.




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