I am older than Alaska


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But just by a couple of days.

On this date in 1958, President Eisenhower signed a bill approving Alaskan statehood.

My wife and I visited Anchorage, Alaska back in 1992-ish.

It’s a big city, and an even bigger state. Yes, I realize that, unlike the email of a certain Presidential candidate, the size of Alaska is not classified information.

In Alaska we were struck by how the “pioneer” museum had artifacts that we recognized from our grandparents’ houses, you know Depression era items.

While I lobbied for it with my employer at the time, I never took a meeting to Alaska. Still visiting there got me closer to my bucket list item of visiting all 50 states. I’m currently at 39 and sadly, haven’t added new state in over 20 years.

I need to get out more. Or, I just need to get out.

Read into that what you want.

True, I used to travel for work when we lived in DC. I was the Director of Meetings and Conventions for a national association. So I traveled quite a bit.

Not so much any more. Other than my two trips to Post-Katrina Louisiana, I’ve not ventured far from the Old Dominion much in recent years.

I keep seeing those articles on Facebook that describe the perfect route for traveling across country. We’ve never done that as a family. For one thing, we’ve never had that much back-to-back time. For another, we’re partial to our beach week, coming up soon.

Maybe it’s fitting. In the early days of this country my ancestors never got beyond Southwest Virginia. And why should they have, after all, that’s where God lives.

And that’s Southwest Virginia. There’s a reason that West Virginia is called “Almost” Heaven.

I’m just sayin’.

On a different note, I am struggling to get into the groove of writing, editing, and (hopefully soon) acting. I keep coming up with lofty goals but at the end of the day when I’ve been parked on my backside at the day job, or when my backside has walked 16,000 steps at the park, I’m not making too much progress.

I did remind myself yesterday of a particular post that said “this is why I won’t write for them.” Not to beat a dead

This and more available in The Write Side Shop (click the pic).

This and more available in The Write Side Shop (click the pic).

horse, but let’s just say I was thinking of reactivating my account with a particular publisher until I found that post. Good move, because I still won’t write for free.

Not that I need to, I got a new client assignment yesterday.

It all fits together. One day, perhaps after winning the Mega Millions tomorrow, I can retire and be a full time writer/actor.

It could happen.

Or I could write about it.

Or act like it happened.

On a different, different note, Alaska and I both are older than Hawaii. But I’ve never been there.

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