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Image Thomas Shellberg via Unsplash

Image Thomas Shellberg via Unsplash

What you’re doing is acting with yourself. Well, I’m my favourite actor, so in a way it’s quite straightforward for me.

Scottish actor, director, and screenwriter, Peter Capaldi, a.k.a. The Twelfth Doctor, was born on this day in 1958.

I admit it’s a little distressing to think that people, including yours truly, initially thought Capaldi too old to play The Doctor (the character is not Doctor Who, get your fandom straight), and then to find out that Capaldi and I are the same age.

But I do agree with him on the favorite actor thing, although I’ve never actually had the never to answer “me” when asked who was my favorite actor.

Then again, I’m the actor I most talk about.

I’ll never have a career like Capaldi’s, and that’s okay. For one thing, I started about forty years too late. And that’s only the first of many reasons.

I’m okay with not being famous. I just like the craft of acting, and I’m glad that I can do it in my “free” time. Let’s just not go there again with this post.

Of course, being a famous actor isn’t always a good thing.

On this day in 1865, actor John Wilkes Booth shot U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, only days after Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Lincoln died on April 15.

April 15 is also the day the Titanic sank (1912) and the day taxes are due.

Remember, I don’t believe in coincidence.

I digress.

Here’s hoping that the weather has finally turned to spring. It certainly looks like it. And, I have plants that desperately need to go out to the front porch.

I sometimes tell myself that, when the plants are out of the way I’ll be able to finish cleaning the office. Work with me, I need something to hold onto.

But it’s true that the fern is a bit messy inside and it thrives outdoors as does the lily. Unfortunately, none of the three amaryllis bulbs bloomed this year, so we may, or may not give them another season. One has bloomed consistently for over eight years, but not this year.

I’m rambling here, and I’m stopping myself. Perhaps there will be a post about house plants or yard plants one day that will actually contain useful information, as soon as I find it.

For years my mother-in-law was my source for useful information regarding house plants and yard plants. I learned a lot from her. But, perhaps not enough.

At least not if you ask my plants.

In other news, The First Lady of Country Music, Loretta Lynn, was born on this day in 1932.


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