It’s all an act


Acting is not the noblest profession in the world, but there are things lower than acting. Not many, mind you – but politicians give you something to look down on from time to time.

– American Actor, Spencer Tracy, was born on this day in 1900 (died 1967)

I don’t know. Maybe Tracy was right when he said those words.

At least actors entertain, and sometimes they make people happy.

I mean, when was the last time a politician really made you happy?

But, let’s not talk about politics. Let’s talk about acting.

While I’m delighted to be back in traditional theater, I sometimes regret that it took me over thirty years to get here.


My reality was that I was never cut out to be a full-time actor, and I made that choice when I graduated college. I considered it. Briefly. Very briefly. My reasons are my own.

But, I always missed the performing aspect. I am incredibly blessed to have had the roles I’ve had in the Richmond theater community. And, while you never say never, I’ve come to the point of not worrying about whether or not there will be a next production. There will be, at some point.

You already know that I’m taking a bit of a break. And, that’s okay.

If you’ve been around long enough you’ll know that I gave up on politics about the same time I started pursuing more acting opportunities. They two are not unrelated. But, again, that’s another story.

There’s a vibrant theater community here in Richmond, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

Also on this day in 1614, Native American Pocahontas married English colonist John Rolfe. Thanks to Disney, we have footage of the fling she had before she met John.

Look for me on stage:

I Ought to Be in Pictures
Jewish Family Theatre
March 31 – April 10, 2016
The Impressario
Mozart Festival 2016
Capitol Opera Richmond/Classical Revolution RVA
April 16
Murder at the Spring Fling
CAT Theatre
April 16

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