It’s Friday and I’m sort of all over the place


For reasons, some of which were obvious, some not – having to do with personal commitments – this was the first week of 2016 in which I spent a full 40 hours in the office. Yes, telework Friday still counts as office time.

It’s also the week where New Hampshire Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly selected Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

We. Have. Lost. Our. Minds.

I mean, I totally get that people are angry with the establishment “leaders” on either side. But seriously?

We can do better folks.

And, I’ve said this before, if you’re a Bernie supporter ask yourself how he’s going to pay for it.bernie

Margaret Thatcher said it best:

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Sanders gets a lot of his support, amazingly, from young people. Young people who grew up in a world where everyone got a sports trophy just for participating. Young people who are shocked when they see how much is taken out of their first paycheck for taxes.  Just wait kids.

And, in the spirit of fairness, I have about as much confidence in the cognitive skills of the Trump supporters.

Really, I don’t want to get that political, but think about it people. I mean..seriously…think about it before you vote.

Primary day in Virginia is March 1. I’ll vote. Probably. I’m not yet sure for whom. The pickins, as they say, is slim.

The weekend approaches, and for me it’s another three day weekend. God Bless America.

There are rumors of snow coming on Monday. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

But the weekend is full, continuing the celebration of the 16-year-old’s birthday we’re going out tonight to spend his first year of college tuition at his favorite restaurant.

Saturday night we’re seeing a play (at a venue where I’ll be back on stage next month). Sunday church, and Sunday night I have tech rehearsal for my next production.

The Dining Room opens Friday night. I’ll wait right here whilst you go buy tickets (link below).

Sunday is also greeting card and florist extortion day…I mean Valentine’s Day. This is your public service announcement that you have roughly 48 hours to not screw up like you did last year.

You may thank me by visiting the tip jar on the way out.

Some reactions on Facebook made me realize that yesterday’s post may have sent the wrong message. I’m not giving up on writing. I was briefly considering the professional/copy writing side vs. the creative novel/script side and whether I could sustain both.

I’m not sure I can, but I’m darned well going to keep trying. Yesterday was a day of meeting with a new client and invoicing another.

The young friend and fellow writer who introduced me to Nanowrimo nearly 15 years ago told me yesterday that she heard over and over at writer’s conference that difference between people who make it and the ones that don’t is in whether or not you give up.

And, I’m not.

To paraphrase Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentlemen…I got nowhere else to go.

Actually, my problem is that I have too many places to go. Which is why I need to bring this randomness to an end. I’ll be back Monday.

And of course I’ll keep writing. In the meantime, look for me on stage here…

The Dining Room
Huguenot Community Players
February 19 – March 6, 2016

Starlet Knight’s Cabaret
Jesus and Me: He’s the Tall One
Firehouse Theatre
Sunday, February 28th, 7:00 p.m.

I Ought to Be in Pictures
Jewish Family Theatre
March 31 – April 10, 2016


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