Something Winter This Way Comes

How much snow will we get?

How much snow will we have received by the time you’re reading this?

And, more to the point, what am I going to binge watch over the weekend?

True, I have plenty to do, but there will be video in the background.

Over Christmas I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy. No, I did not watch The Hobbit trilogy, and most likely will not.

Last weekend, after the passing of Alan Rickman, I watched Galaxy Quest, followed by all eight of the Harry Potter movies. Don’t judge, I had a four-day weekend. I watched the movies and still got a lot done.

Of course with the Snowstorm of Doom ™ coming our way there’s the possibility that we could lose power.

The challenge then will be to stay warm. I already know what I have to read.

It’s funny, here I am talking about winter storms and snow. It seems that’s just about all anyone is talking about on social media.

Well, that and the Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump.

Honestly, I couldn’t vote for them, but it’s fun to watch heads explode.

And for the record, yes I was a Sarah Palin fan back in 2008. She brought a breath of fresh air to a lackluster McCain campaign. But she lost me when she later resigned her governorship.

Finish the job.

I digress.

I do think that the attraction to both Trump and Palin, and in part Bernie Sanders, is that they push the right hot buttons.

Americans are frustrated. They’re tired of being lied to by Washington. They’re tired of seeing their tax dollars wasted.

They’re tired of establishment politics. And, until the establishment gets that, things are going to be pretty bizarre.

I can’t be worried about that right now because…bread, milk, toilet paper.

Sure, the snow may be beautiful. I’m still not looking forward to it.

But, if it causes us all so slow down just a bit, then maybe that will be okay.

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