Happy Thanksgiving


Be thankful this post will be short.
All across America cooks are stressing over the turkey.  Will it be done?  Will it be dry?
Most televisions are tuned into some version of a Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Ours will be tuned to Macy’s. That’s the way I grew up.
At some appointed hour, families will gather around large tables filled with more food than will be eaten.
Or at least should be eaten.
And, families will loves each other.  Families will bicker.  Families will argue.  Families will sit in silence.
Not many of us get the Norman Rockwell picture.
Regardless of what goes on around your table, be thankful today that you have a table, that there’s food, that there’s warmth.
Hug somebody.  Tell somebody that you love them, even if it’s hard.  Especially if it’s hard.
Be thankful.

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