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Image Raining Huang via Unsplash

Image Raining Huang via Unsplash

Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.

English lawyer, politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, was born on this day in 1925 (died 2013)

That time you want to quote Margaret Thatcher in a blog post because it’s her birthday, but you struggle because it’s hard to quote her without getting political.

The struggle is real.

Seriously, as a recovering political junkie it’s hard for me not to comment.

As someone who is still pretty conservative (but disgusted with the conservative movement) it is very difficult sometimes for me to scroll past the posts of my friends in the arts.

Sometimes I think…just one little drink…

But no.

It’s not that my values or opinions have changed. Sure, some opinions have changed. It’s more that I don’t see the value in the fight. Or, more correctly, I don’t hold out hope that the fight will change anything.

But to follow up on the Iron Lady’s quote, today we’re talking about a plan.

Today’s plan was not, and is still not, to talk politics.

Instead, I’m looking at my own plan to morph this part-time venture into full-time sustenance.

Part of my plan is simply to make sure that I am writing daily. Since July I have been working on the framework for another book that describes how I turned my part-time writing into full-time work.

It’s a journal of sorts in which I am committed to write a minimum of 500 words a day. That’s in addition to any other writing that I do.

It’s coming along. Some days are more journalish, and certainly if this ever becomes a book there will be a lot of editing.

I hope it does become a book because I love the snot out of the title.

Sorry. My inner child is visiting today.

But, it’s part of my work plan.

I know what I want to be doing. I know it’s not just going to happen.

And so, I work the plan.

Right now my plan includes marking off the dates for my next three performance opportunities.

That’s right. Three. All before the New Year.

No, you are not allowed to criticize my plan.

It’s a challenge to be in the performing arts and be a writer.

Okay, the challenge is to do that while I have a full-time day job.

Pay attention.

That’s why I have a plan.

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