I’m trying to remember about September

Image: Joe Beck via Unsplash

Image: Joe Beck via Unsplash

And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth.

– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

The other day, I told myself I wasn’t supposed to be this busy until after Labor Day.

True story.

Granted, I missed the annual clearing-of-the-head week at the beach. But still, there was supposed to be a bit of slow down.

I crack myself up.

You know I’m pushing the writing thing. You know I’m pushing the novel thing.

You know I struggle with the yard work.

There was also the realization the other day that for the first time in like, ever, I will have gone an entire year in which I had no break from being in a show. Either in rehearsals, or performance, or gearing up for the next one.

And, because I’m bad at math, when I started writing this post I was thinking that a new project (not yet to be discussed) was taking me from four to five shows. Instead, it’s five to six.

Granted, my involvement with each of those shows varies, from being a cast member to being a cast member/producer, and in one case, writer and director.

Oh, and did I mention my writing work? I think I did.

Most years it would just be a recognition of too much to do. And it is.

But most years I could make it work because at least the day job is stable. It still is. But the last few weeks have meant daily rides on the Crazy Train.

No, I won’t elaborate.

All this is to say, I’ll make it work.

I’ll get the important stuff done.

Some projects have already moved further down the list. I don’t like that. But those are choices I have to make.

There’s nothing on my plate that I didn’t put there. Well, except the office crazy part. I can’t do anything about that.


I don’t feel the stress of going back to school, but summer is ending and there’s work to be done.

Lots of it.

Google calendar don’t fail me now.

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