You’ve got to have friends



I get by with a little help from my friends.

English singer-songwriter, drummer, and actor, Ringo Starr was born on this day in 1940.

I’m not wishing too much to continue on the theme of last week’s unpleasantness. And, in spite of the way Clarence phrased things, I’m not feeling like a failure.

Far from it.

As of midnight on my birthday, 253 friends had wished me Happy Birthday via Facebook. As I said yesterday, a good friend joined us for my birthday dinner, during the middle of which another very dear friend called and played her annual rendition of “Happy Birthday” on the kazoo. It’s a joy every year and I always hate to erase the message on the machine.

The weekend before I reconnected with friends I went to college with more than 35 years ago. Staying connected via Facebook helps, but we picked up with relationships right where we left them.

Friends help you realize things that are important.

It’s not money. It’s not jobs. It’s not position. It’s not things.

Jesus was known as a Friend of Sinners. I’m certainly glad for that.

I’m having dinner with a friend tonight at our favorite restaurant.

I’ve been making plans with one set of friends to see another friend in an upcoming production.

I’ll be making new friends at rehearsals starting in a few weeks.

I think it sounds like I’m bragging, and maybe I am.

I know for sure that I’m blessed.

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