Unfinished Business

Image: Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo via Unsplash

Image: Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo via Unsplash

Someone should keep reminding Mr. Average Man that he was born free, divine, strong; uncrushable by fate, society, or hell itself; and that he is a child of God, equal heir to all the bounties of God; and that goodness is riches, kindness is power, and freedom is glory. Above all, every man is born with an inner capacity to take him as far as his imagination can dream or envision-providing he is free to dream and envision.

– Frank Capra, The Name above the Title

Italian Director, Frank Capra was born on this day in 1897. (died 1991)

Seems like I’ve been talking a lot about imagination lately. Maybe it’s because I’m in a mood to think things should be different. Health. Finances. Job.

I can dream.

It’s Monday and all across the country people are having “water cooler” conversations about the series finale of Mad Men.

Personally, I’ve had a love hate relationship with the show. The first couple of seasons were brilliant. I haven’t been that fond of it in recent years. And I watch the final season out of stubbornness more than interest.

I finish a lot of projects that way.

I’d give you that line about how I don’t like to see unfinished projects, but my unfinished novel is sitting next to me and not one, but two unfinished paintings are across the room. If I stood up to look out the window, I’d see the unfinished yard work.

I’m not sure if it’s embarrassing or sad to note that I’ve got those unfinished projects, but I’ve finished TV shows. Maybe it’s both.

Maybe that’s the reason why the projects aren’t finished.

At the same time, I did a lot of graphic work this weekend…also unfinished, but well underway. I spent some time in rehearsal, saw a great show, did some yard work (some), and even attended the Lebanese Food Festival. Good stuff, by the way, sorry if you missed it.

So, maybe the television show isn’t the reason the work remains unfinished. Maybe everything is a work in progress.

I figure it’s a good day as long as I’m moving forward on something.

Or toward something.

Like the end of this post.

In other news, American singer Perry Como was born on this day in 1912. (died 2001)



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