My political sins have found me out



Or, why can’t I get off of these lists?

It’s Friday, which is my normal telework day. However, today I am on annual leave because I need to catch up on projects for CAT Theatre, among other things (oh like learning audition pieces, yard work, etc.).

What? You thought fabulous designs like the ones I featured yesterday came easily and quickly?

Sorry. You can’t afford me.

I digress.

As I sit in my home office, I occassionally answer the home phone. We rarely do because we only get calls from (in this order):

Chesterfield County Schools because our son is enrolled in one, count ’em one, online class with the County. But that means we get the 5:00 a.m. snow cancellation calls, as well as all the important information about things like prom, or…whatever.

Charity solicitations. I get that. I get that people have to raise money. I wish I had more that I could share.

No, seriously, I REALLY wish I had more that I could share.

Again, I digress.

Perhaps most of all we get political calls. Admittedly, I spent well over two decades actively participating, arguing, campaigning, canvassing and all of that fun stuff.

Really, sometimes it was fun.

But, regular readers (and if you aren’t, why aren’t you?) will know that a couple of years ago I gave that up.

It’s not so much that my opinions have changed. I just got tired of the process and the fight.

True, some opinions have changed. For the record, I’ll come to your wedding and I’ll buy you a cake. Trust me, you don’t want me baking.

Again, I digress.

I’m still fiscally conservative. If we can’t agree that the government takes too much and spends too much then we really can’t have a conversation.

And, in some areas, I’m still pretty socially conservative. I am adamantly pro-life. Yes, I say that as a man, but more importantly, as a father who not once, but twice almost lost both his wife and sons in high risk pregnancies. But, I also say that as one who understands that screaming and fighting won’t solve this issue, nor will legislation.

I’m getting side-tracked.

My point of this is that even after I’ve taken myself out of the debates I can’t get off the lists.

Daily, I unsubscribe from yet another policial mailing. Some, several times now. True, I signed up for them because when I was a political blogger and editor, I needed to read them.

But the emails keep coming. As do the phone calls.

I have been successful in one regard. I still get mail from the Republican National Committee, but I no longer get the BRE’s (business reply envelope). They want me to add postage.

What’s the fun in that?

Don’t get me wrong. None of this is saying that I don’t think the issues are important.

I’ll still vote. I’ll still pay attention.

I will just no longer fight these battles in the trenches.

Unless it’s a show about fighting in the trenches and you need me to play a WWI doctor again like I did earlier this year at Ft. Lee.

Speaking of those trenches, I have a script writing project in development that involves both trenches and Ft. Lee. Stay tuned. But, be patient.

The day may come when I will answer the home phone again, but it is not this day.

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