You don’t have to be crazy to write here


But it helps.

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.”

– Franz Kafka, Letter to Max Brod, July 5, 1922


I made writing progress on Monday.  Actually I just managed to make a list of current writing projects.

They include this blog, one novel (there are several not finished), a plan for an event, and a script.

Current word count: 14.

It’s a start.

The truth is, I’ve made real progress with all of them.  But sometimes it’s hard to prioritize.

The blog posts need to happen almost every day.  The event plan has to be done by summer.  And when the client calls, or writes, those have deadlines as well.

The novel?  And the script?

No deadlines.  Other than the ones I’ve self-imposed.

But, they’re the ones I want to focus on the most. Funny how that is.

I’m not sure I’m a crazy writer.  I suppose I’d be the last to know.

I’m also not sure I’m the southern writer I want to be.  I’m working on it.

But this is being written on Monday night.  I’ve just caught up with Mad Men from last night. Sunday night I was out with friends.  Don’t tell anyone but I’ve started seeing other theaters.

And now, I’m realizing that Verizon has free On Demand through next Monday.  Actually I already knew this and had tried to take advantage of it on Friday night but found little I desired to watch.  But some of the premium shows are supposed to be free as well.

For whatever reason I’m not able to load the show I want to watch.  It’s probably just as good.  I’d get stuck binge-watching for the rest of the week.

Seriously, Verizon, I tried to watch on four different devices in my office.  No luck on any of them.  Even with your mobile app.

Tell me again why I pay you the equivalent of the gross national product of a small European nation each month just to provide my communication needs.  Tell me again why I shouldn’t take Sprint up on that offer to cut my cell phone bill in half.

Maybe I am crazy after all.

Maybe I’m just distracted.

Now the brilliant writer is babbling.  He’s gone off on a quest to find a meaning in this post.

Perhaps there is none.

In all seriousness, it’s a bit of getting back into the groove of writing consistently.

I wrote more than 14 words today.  I don’t know the exact count, but I actually made progress with the event plan and the script.

I didn’t mention the novel and really I think it rude of you to bring it up.

I think the memos, and emails, and summaries, and project plans, and this blog posts should all be a part of my daily word count.

My iPhone tells me that I took 4,997 steps on Monday.  It doesn’t judge me based on where I took those steps.  Why should my word count?

I think the point of this post, if there is one, is that I’m always writing.  True, not everything that I write fits into the manuscript.

I just had this brainstorm for this stream of consciousness project where everything I write for thirty days, emails, lists, checks, stories, memos, all get combined into one document.

It could be a fascinating read.

Or, in my case, it could turn into Prosecution Exhibit 3A.

Today is Tuesday, and you’ve just spent about three minutes reading this.  Far less time than it took me to write and post.

Maybe we’re both courting insanity.  But, how will we know?



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