Let’s Start (over) at the Very Beginning


The movie version of The Sound of Music premiered in theaters fifty years ago this week. I’m pretty sure that’s about the time I saw it.

It wasn’t quite fifty years ago that I fancied myself a painter. But jobs, and family, and writing and theater took me away from the canvas. I still do a lot of design work.

For Christmas my family supplied me with paints, brushes and canvas. I wrote a few weeks back the brushes weren’t exactly doing what I wanted them to do. It’s only been thirty-some years. I suppose it was unrealistic to think I could pick up where I left off. Most of my design work has been graphic design through Photoshop through layout design and publisher.

jesuspraysI think it’s been almost 6 or 7 years ago now that I developed a series of images for The Stations of the Cross. I developed them in Photoshop with the intent of eventually moving them to canvas.

But a while back I put them up for sale on Zazzle.com. I’ve actually sold several sets to churches around the country using them for Holy Week observances.

It’s pretty humbling really.

And it makes me want to do more work like this. But let’s not have that conversation about too much to do again.

As for the canvas, I’ve tried since Christmas to paint the first in the series.

That’s when I remembered that this wasn’t so easy. So far, I’ve started twice only to pull out the Gesso to start all over again.heisrisen

I look at different approach this last time, taking it in sections. It fits the graphic pattern of the work, and it allows me to take it at a slower pace.

Will I finish the canvas this time?

Not so sure.

Maybe I’ll bring out the Gesso and cover this as well. But I’ll learn in the process.

Michelangelo, Born on this Day in 1475, said:

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.”

I’m not sure my effort is at the wonderful stage.

But, I’m working on it.


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