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“He who runs from God in the morning will scarcely find Him the rest of the day.”
– English preacher and author, John Bunyan, was born on this day in 1628. (died 1688)
Most mornings I try to get up and read through my daily Scripture reading plan. Then hopefully I spend time in prayer. I’m not very good at it. This year I began making The Lord’s Prayer part of my morning routine. It sort of covers all the bases when I don’t get there.And it sort of wrecks the day when I don’t get to it before I leave the house. I may or may not still read and offer a prayer. But somehow, the day seems off.I have married friends who spend time together in prayer each morning. They refer to their time as “Coffee with Jesus.”

I like that. I wouldn’t mind hanging out in a coffee shop with Jesus.

And, quite frankly, it would probably be Starbucks. Jesus’ political agenda is not your political agenda. Nor mine.

Jesus wants time with us. He doesn’t want our preconceived ideas about what’s wrong with the world. He already knows.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately when trying to juggle my schedule.

I had to ask myself “Where does your relationship with Jesus show up on your schedule?”

I mean I do believe that it’s my most important relationship. Right?

If I do, then I’ll find time with it.

If that means getting up earlier, that’s what it means.

In the current round of insomnia brought on by the shoulder ordeal, getting up earlier is a little less difficult. But I still have to carve out the time and not spend time on Facebook or elsewhere while ignoring some good coffee chat.

In the turmoil of my life over the last few months, some of it indeed wonderful but turmoil nonetheless, I have realized that I need my anchors. I need to be grounded.

And that’s just not coffee grounds.

I need my lifelong friends around me. I need my morning time in Scripture and prayer.

It doesn’t matter that I think I don’t have time.

Francis de Sales said, “Every Christian needs a half-hour of prayer each day, except when he is busy, then he needs an hour.”

Pour me another cup.



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