Winter is Coming



I haven’t watched the HBO version of Game of Thrones for a couple of reasons. Mainly, we don’t have HBO. But also because I’m just not quite sure I want to encourage the 14-year-old watching that. In truth, we’ve listened to the first book and most of the second thanks to the generosity of a friend. But, also in truth, we’ve fast forwarded through more than a few sections.

All that being said, this post isn’t about Game of Thrones nor the fact that the series didn’t receive a single Emmy Award for 11 nominations. I have, by the way, watched all of Breaking Bad which did win most of the awards.

Where am I going with this post? I didn’t start out to write about television or the Emmys.

On a side note, that’s a fascinating way to write. Just sit down and start typing and see where your fingers take you.

But, of course, I digress.

It’s Monday. Labor Day. We’re heading out in a bit to take one last splash in Water Works at Kings Dominion. It looks to be a great day for it.

While summer doesn’t officially end for a couple of weeks, today is the traditional last day of the season. School starts back tomorrow, even here in a home schooling house. The desks are clear. The books are stacked. The 14-year-old is dreading it. It’s all good.

Soon the leaves will begin falling and instead of griping about having to mow, I’ll be griping about having to rake. Normally I’d also be thinking about planting spring bulbs. Truth is, these days I spend more time thinking about maintenance free living.

Since that’s not happening any time soon enough, we have to start thinking about living through the coming winter (See? You knew the headline would eventually make sense).

The Farmers Almanac  forecasts “colder-than-normal and wetter-than-usual weather for three-quarters of the country east of the Rocky Mountains.” [USAToday]

Oh. Joy.

I do not enjoy winter. I live about as far north and as far away from the beach as I can stand.

And by that I mean, if you’re hiring in Charleston, Savannah or St. Augustine, give me a ring.

Don’t get me wrong. Snow can be beautiful…when viewed at a distance. Give me one soft blanket of snow that melts by noon and I’m good for the whole season.

Quite frankly, I’d be content with a post card from your ski trip to Utah.

Still, I suppose snow does have certain benefits.

After all, it covers up the leaves.

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