Monday: Once more into the screech



It was a dark and stormy weekend.

Weather-wise it wasn’t such a bad weekend. There was a good bit of rain and we thought we’d be rained out for seeing 42nd Street at Dogwood Dell on Sunday night. But it turned out to be a beautiful evening. And it’s a great show. If you’re in Richmond, there are two more chances to see it Friday and Saturday. Go. Just go.

Much of the rest of our weekend was dealing with a little mini-drama in the household. It’s settled now and we’re just fine. I have, however, lost a good deal of respect I had for several people (I’m not talking about family). That’s another story.

I mentioned in the my weekend wrap up that there’s a lot of nasty stuff going on in the world. Comparatively, my problems seem trivial.

I don’t have bombs going off in my neighborhood. I’m not heading into another round of cancer treatment (although I most certainly have been down that road), I’m not being told convert or die. I don’t have a daughter who has been kidnapped and sold into slavery.

But while my troubles may be comparatively small, they’re my problems and I have to deal with them. I did make a snarky comment on Facebook about not having the weekend I wanted. A friend replied “aren’t Weekends of any kind leaning toward the better side of things?”

When I remembered that she’s just gone through another round of surgery and chemotherapy I felt like a bit of a fool.

Perspective. Always perspective.

Still, none of us gets through life without any challenges. I’ve got a list. You’ve got a list. All God’s children got a list.

It’s how we deal with them. I wasted about a day and a half this weekend letting some people live rent free in my head. Sunday afternoon I gave them an eviction notice.

That’s why Mondays, as painful and as untrustworthy as they can be (ba da, ba da da da), can still be a good thing.

Monday represents a new beginning. A new chance to seize the day. A new chance to storm the barricade. A new chance to stick it to the goobers.

Sorry, I’m getting carried away. I’ve got a blog and I’m not afraid to use it.

Monday is a new day.

A day to rewrite that list of things you didn’t get accomplished. (I’m sorry birds, I promise I’ll get to your feeders as soon as I can.)

A day to make a new list of things for this week.

A day to think about relationships. And maybe restoration.

A day to put things in perspective. Because just remember, the weekend’s coming.

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