A day at the zoo

Yesterday, the wife, the younger son, and I took a quick road trip to DC. Vanessa was speaking at a conference at the National Cathedral School. Luke and I took the time to tag along and walk over to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Did I mention that it’s over a mile away? But it was through great Northwest DC neighborhoods. Luke asked “why can’t we live here?” To which I responded “Why can’t you find me a job that pays at least $300,000 a year?”

All that being said, it was a good day. It’s fun to go back to DC and remember when we used to live there. And, most days, it’s more fun to come home and remember that we don’t live there any more.

Seen around the zoo…

I wanted to bring him home.

I wanted to bring him home.





It doesn't hurt...much...

It doesn’t hurt…much…




We also saw the Senate in session.

We also saw the Senate in session.

It's right behind me...isn't it?

It’s right behind me…isn’t it?

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