‘Tis the Season: Hurricane Season that is

Obligatory Hurricane Season 2014 post.

Thursday’s bizarre weather notwithstanding, Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1.

Fortunately, NOAA says that we’ll have a near-normal or below-normal 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.

Granted, that’s a forecast. And granted, they missed it last year predicting a higher than average season.

Nevertheless, let’s hit the beach.

Plus, pay attention next week. Governor McAuliffe has recognized May 23-31 as Hurricane and Flooding Preparedness Week. That means items necessary for hurricane preparedness are tax exempt during this week.

Check out the list and learn more about hurricane preparedness from ReadyVirginia.gov.

And, in the spirit(s) of being prepared, it’s time to freshen up that Hurricane cocktail. check out this recipe from Emeril Lagasse:

12 ounces light rum
12 ounces dark rum
10 ounces grenadine, or passion fruit syrup
10 ounces fresh orange juice
10 ounces sour mix, or fresh lime juice
3 tablespoons superfine sugar, or more to taste
1 large orange, cut into 1/4-inch thick slices


Mix all the ingredients in a tall pitcher or large pot and stir to dissolve the sugar. Pour into a punch bowl and add the ice cubes and orange segments.

Serve in tall glasses over ice with straws.

And as always, when the winds howl and the rains come, it’s a good time to listen to Vestal.


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