I left the flash drive in my other suit

blankslateNo, seriously, I left my flash drive at the office. It had the file I started for Wednesday’s post. So, now it’s after 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday and I’m left without a post.

After my post about generating a content plan the other day, I did start using Google Calendar to set up tasks. And I wrote a great post (at least I think so) for Wednesday.

But I arrived home tonight after a production meeting and dinner with fellow theater board members and find that, no, I didn’t remove the flash drive when I packed to come home.  Not only does it have the Wednesday post, it also has the article I’ve been writing that’s one of two that I need to submit by Friday.

I need a backup plan and I have none. Sure there are future blog topics on my newly developed schedule. But they’ll take time to develop.

I briefly scanned Facebook and Pinterest as well as some news sources hoping for inspiration. Tonight, I found none. It is possible that two glasses of some of Hardywood Brewery’s finest is contributing to tonight’s lack of ideas.

Perhaps I could sleep on it and be inspired early in the morning, but I have a 7:00 a.m. appointment across town.

I’m not afraid of a blank page. I can always put words together. I do, however, have concerns about having you read those words.

Why am I babbling about this? Because content is king. And, because content takes planning.

I obviously didn’t plan this well.

Consider it a lesson learned. Consider it an acknowledgement that I need to plan more than one post at a time.

Are you a writer or an artist? Are you trying to create but stuck at the conception stage?

How do you come up with fresh content? With fresh inspiration?

Let me know if the comments below.


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    • Mike on February 19, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Thanks. I use Dropbox for collaborative projects. I also use Evernote. This was just one of those cases when I wasn’t thinking. I do need to get more familiar with Google Drive.

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