Need a job? Be a clown



After all, not everyone can run for Congress.

Who knew that there was a world clown shortage?  Should we panic?

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time we went to the circus.  It’s pricey.  It’s stinky.  And I’ve had less than pleasant experiences at the Richmond Coliseum.  And that’s not just running the gauntlet of animal rights protesters.

Now the Daily News reports that “circus folk fear a national clown shortage.”

Apparently the older clowns are dying out and a fresh supply of younger clowns is not emerging from those tiny little cars.

I’ve never really wanted to be a clown.  I have my own issues being Santa.

Okay there was that one Halloween when we threw together hastily designed clown costumes.  Mainly because our then-toddler son had this expensive romper we purchased at Nordstrom (we learned) that lent itself to looking like a clown costume.  I’ll spare him the embarrassment of pictures (only because I can’t find them right now).

Is clowning a dying art?  The professionals say the jobs are more and more demanding.  It’s apparently not enough to drop your pants and expose your drawers.  To many kids these days, that’s “fashion.”

Seems we still have rodeo clowns.  Although not being well-versed in the canon of clownage, I’m not sure circus clowns and rodeo clowns are in the same fraternity.  Besides, being a rodeo clown can be dangerous.  Just asked the guy last year who got in trouble for impersonating the President.

Careers change.  Dreams change.  Entertainment changes.

I’m not sure that a “national clown shortage” is a crisis.  Unless you’re a circus owner.

Or a congressman.

My friend marfdrat has some similar thoughts about Washington clowns.


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