I’ll see you in March…



Forget that we’re dealing with the Global Warming Freezeout of 2014™. Deal with it. It’s called weather. And the science is not settled. That’s not what this post is about.

Turner Classic Movies has released the schedule for 31 Days of Oscar. This will be tremendous help in working towards my Bucket List goal of watching all the Best Picture movies.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t cover all of the movies on that list I still need to see.

Even worse, in addition to the ones on the Best Picture list there are several others that I want to see, or see again.

At last count I was up to 56. Assuming two hours per movie (some are more), that’s a minimum of 112 hours of movie watching. Let me venture into unfamiliar territory and do some math.

112 hours of movies. 744 hours (31×24). That’s 15% of the next month (plus a few days into March).

Did I mention that I work full time? Write part time? And that I have a show opening on February 7?

Yes, I think I’ve mentioned those.

So, I’m off to set the DVR. But my goal will still be to watch as many of those as they’re broadcast.

It helps that I’ve now got my own upstairs office (thank you, Dear) and I can watch while I’m working. But I’m not always up or at home when some of these are being shown. And the DVR is downstairs.

I may not get to all 56 movies this month, but I’m still determined to make this year the year that I finish this part of the bucket list.

So, let’s get watching.

Pass the popcorn.

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