Nano Nano, Hey Hey, Goodbye


I’m not going to make it. I knew trying Nanowrimo was against my better judgment.

I’m not going to hit 50,000 words by Saturday.

In fact, I stalled at 16,015 on November 12.

Reality set in, with work, with travel, with the accident, with rehearsals. In the midst of that, I was writing and meeting deadlines. Just not for Nanowrimo.

Perhaps it was silly to even try. But, I have no regrets.

The 16,015 words I have written fit nicely into the center of the book I had intended to finish this year.

Okay, so maybe I regret not finishing that. But, I will. And, I’m further along.

In the end, I’m glad I tried. I’ve enjoyed watching my friends post their word count updates. I hope to get to read their books some day.

You know who you are.

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