When October Goes


How can it be November 1 already? Don’t answer that. I know the answer. Time marches on. Seasons change.

I’m writing this on Halloween thinking that we bought more candy than we’re going to have trick-or-treaters. Since the wife and I aren’t eating sugar, the 13-year-old is delighted.

Halloween is a much bigger deal these days than it was when I was a kid. Next to Christmas, we spend more on Halloween than any other holiday. The Halloween of my childhood was also a safer time. I heard this morning that Patient First was offering to x-ray candy for free. While I applaud Patient First for a community service, what kind of world is it where we even have to consider such a thing?

My mom would always help me sort the candy when I got home from trick-or-treating. Sure it was for safety. More often, it was so she could find the good stuff that she liked. But I always had plenty.

I remember one year (it probably happened more than once) where we’d moved the pumpkin inside and turned the lights down low. While we were watching television, I was (as I frequently did) drawing or coloring.

But, Halloween was over. What to draw? My mother suggested that Thanksgiving was the next holiday. I wasn’t great at drawing turkeys, and I was not yet familiar with the Hokie Bird. And no self-respecting Virginia boy would draw a pilgrim to represent the “first” Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, I’m one of the reenactors at the First Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation on Sunday.

November is here and I’m looking forward to spring and summer. There will be some good days this winter, maybe even some snow. I am reminded that my overcoat was already too big and now, almost 30 lbs. smaller than last winter it will be even that much larger.

But, I digress.

It’s November. Leaves are falling. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. We’re heavy into rehearsals for Glorious Christmas Nights.

And if I can get a plot or a setting or a first sentence together, I may go back on what I’ve said and jump into Nanowrimo.

It’s all good.

But I do hate to see October go.

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