My ADD Approach to Yard Work


Photo credit: Zwaddi via Unsplash

I saw no squirrels. In fact our neighborhood squirrels are pretty worthless when it comes to acorn gathering.

My yard needs help. If you read here you know that. If you live next to me, you know it even more.

Some of it is simple neglect because of work and writing and shows. But eventually, those just become excuses. I did make a decision to bypass auditioning for a couple of shows that had rehearsal schedules that overlapped rehearsals for Glorious Christmas Nights.

But, the yard.

Our square foot garden was planted late and produced little this year. Now the leaves and the branches are starting to come down. I never quite finished weeding and reworking the dry stream bed.

I spent time out there this morning, but even though I know what needs to be done, I didn’t quite have a grasp on what needed to be done next. So I put in a little time on lots of projects.

My initial plan had been to bleach down the siding. But that takes a few hours and there’s rain in the forecast. And, we’re out of bleach.

I did manage to pull up a dead rose bush and transplant an under performing hydrangea to a sunnier spot.

Oh, and I scooped some poop.


Still, it’s time for a list. A list of projects. A list of tools. A list of supplies.

We’ll get to it a little at time.

And if not, at least I’ll be able to write about it.


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