A Weekend of the Things I Love


Chores? What chores?

All week long I’ve been contemplating how busy I would be this weekend. Sure there are the regular weekend chores, and yard work, and farmer’s markets and writing deadlines.

I might get to some of them. Might.

Okay, I have to get to the writing deadlines.

But it’s a weekend of back-to-back events. And the best part is, I love them all.

Last night was a long overdue dinner with friends. Wine was consumed. Diets were blown (although really, not that badly).

This morning, I’m re-caffeinating and soon will head off to the first of the dance workshops for Glorious Christmas Nights 2013. No, I’m not a dancer. I can move. Sometimes gracefully. But this is good experience and training.

Auditions continue all weekend, but I’ll have to delay mine until tomorrow and Monday.

Tonight we’re attending (and I’m performing at), the CAT Theatre 50th Anniversary Gala. I’ve only been involved with CAT Theatre since January. But I love the theater family there.

Tomorrow, church in the morning (twice). We’re singing some of the “good stuff” in choir and then off to the more contemporary second service with the 13-year-old.

Back for dance auditions tomorrow afternoon, drama auditions tomorrow night and make up vocal auditions (and maybe callbacks, or not) Monday night.

Between all of that, I’ll keep writing. And with any luck, we’ll try to make it over to the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts.

And keep up with the score of the Virginia Tech game.

Are we tired yet? No, but we will be.

The thing is, these are the things I love. If I could somehow make the acting and the writing and design work my full-time job, I’d do it.

All the career experts tell you to find something you love to do and make it pay. I’m working on that. I’m not there yet.

Admittedly, part of my problem was that I was in my 50s before I could define it. Before I could put it in words.

Mixed in with all of that remains a call, if you will, to some type of ministry. No, it’s not the pulpit. I’ve pretty much always known that. It involves the writing, and the art, and the acting. Or a blend thereof.

There’s also the underlying current of all of the things that have to be done around this house and the yard. And the bills to pay. And the Jeep to get repaired. And the curriculum to buy.

And we just have to look outside our home a bit to see the distressing situation of the fall elections, the even more distressing situation of Washington, DC and the total ineptitude of our government. That’s a bipartisan statement. Pick a side, they’re all goobers.

Jesus said,

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
– John 16:33

I’ve got trouble. Right here in River City. But I’m also in the midst of a great weekend.

And, in the midst of that, I can have peace. Because I know the peacemaker.

I’ve also come to know that I can have peace with all of the trouble that is going on in the world. It’s an understanding that I can’t fix the larger issues. What I can do is work to make the world around me a better place.

These are just some Saturday morning ramblings. But yeah, that’s it. I can be incredibly busy this weekend, have a basket full of troubles to deal with, and still think it’s a great weekend.

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