It’s time to dress for fall


I never saw The Summer of ’42. When it came out in 1971 with an R rating, I was 13. More than likely it didn’t come to the theater in our little town, and if it did my parents would never have let me see it. After all, I was much older when they made me leave the room when The Godfather was on TV.

I’ve never taken the time to see it since. No real reason. Just haven’t wanted to. But I remember the theme song. Not so much because it was a great theme song, but because our high school choir director actually considered having us sing The Theme from the Summer of ’42 in our spring concert.

I think when he heard the giggles from the back of the room when we sang “The summer smiles, the summer knows, And unashamed she sheds her clothes…” that he could never get away with having a choir with 30 high school boys (and their soprano and alto counterparts) sing that song.

Still, it seems every September parts of those lyrics come to mind. I can’t quote/sing the whole song. I remember the lyrics above (don’t judge) and the last line, “It’s time to dress for fall.”

September is here. Fall is inevitable. We can’t make summer last any longer. The pool closed yesterday. Public schools start back today. We started home school again today as well, but without the agony of purchasing $200 worth of “necessary” school supplies for a “free” public school education.

Yesterday I did a bit of yard work. I have a lot of reclaiming to do after a very rainy summer. In fact, the yard was still a bit too wet to mow. (don’t judge). But I did some weeding and some clearing of debris. And I put away the beach toys and equipment for another year.

Whilst doing so, I reminded myself that in a couple of months I’m going to regret the inspiration that made me put half of the Christmas decorations in the loft of the storage shed.

Christmas, and winter, is coming.

This weekend I’ve read articles about this was the first August without a hurricane since 2002. Meanwhile the Farmers Almanac predicts a colder than normal winter for much of the US. I don’t like cold weather, but I must admit I look forward to the first good freeze to take care of the creepy crawlers that have decided to live in the storage shed this summer. I’m not squeamish (much), but I have actually had the experience of being bitten by a brown recluse. Once is enough.

Seasons change, and here at the fall line in Virginia the changes aren’t too severe. I’ll miss summer, and vow to do a better job with yard maintenance and gardening next year. I’ll struggle through the fall and the leaves and explain to a certain 13-year-old that yard work is a requirement for home schoolers.

Football season has already begun. Soon the leaves will begin to change. Before long will be in that awkward season of “do I or do I not need a jacket?” At 55, I have crossed the threshold on that one. The answer will most always be yes.

And, a little less from a month from now, I’ll be trying to remember the lyrics to that September song.

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