A Few Good Museum Exhibits



Wednesday afternoon my family and I drove to Arlington to celebrate friends and 30 wonderful years in the house they just sold. It’s a story of a family who opened their home to everyone…for career counseling, for jobs, for marital counseling, for Bible study, for friendship. In the brief time we had there last night, the stories were amazing. God was truly in that home, and we believe he will be for years to come.

Our intentions had been to head into the District and catch one of the Smithsonian museums before heading over to our friends’ house. But traffic got the better of us.

So we decided to stop at Quantico to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The impressive structure rises above I-95 on the commute north and I’d always wanted to visit there. The boys were skeptical, until we got there.

From the design of the museum which suggests the iconic image of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima to the exhibit inside with the actual flag, the Museum is an amazing tribute to more than 237 years of Marine Corps history.

It’s sobering. It’s inspiring.

And, it’s impossible to see in the 2 hours that we had to visit. These are just a few of the images we snapped.

I want to go back and spend more time. As a nation, we cannot do enough to thank these brave men and women for their service.

The Museum is a fitting tribute. But it’s only the beginning.










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