I am not offended by Carlos Danger Hot Dogs (Updated)


This Thursday night, the Richmond Flying Squirrels will offer $1.00 hot dogs for fans as part of their “Salute to Scandal Night.”

Fans will be encouraged to tweet pictures of their hot dogs. This is all in jest to poke fun at New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner who tweeted his own….um…hot dog…if you will.

The Squirrels will also poke fun at Brett Favre and Tiger Woods for their own scandals.

Some folks are offended by this.

I’m not.

What I’m offended by is politicians like Anthony Weiner who get caught in a sexting scandal and think they can once again ask for the public trust.

Or former New York Governor Elliott Spitzer who was referred to as “Client-9” and who resigned from Governor after admitting affairs with prostitutes. Spitzer is also running for office again.

Or former South Carolina Governor Mark I’m-Not-Really-Hiking-In-The-Nekkid Sanford whom the good people of South Carolina sent back to Congress.

Or closer home, let’s just say…Laissez les bons temps Rolex…if you get my drift.

Look, I believe in grace. I need it daily.

But even with grace, sin still carries consequences.

These people betrayed the public trust.

That’s what embarrasses me.

I just wish it embarrassed them.

UPDATE: I swear I didn’t read this first, and I seriously doubt if Eric Metaxas follows my blog, but perhaps we’re both onto something: Carlos Danger and Cheap Grace.

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